A Clean Bike is a Fast Bike (even indoors!)
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A Clean Bike is a Fast Bike (even indoors!)


Bike maintenance is often forgotten during the offseason. However, a clean bike makes for a much smoother ride which can translate to faster speeds and way better access to our power whether we’re riding inside or out! Here are a few tips to keep your bike well-maintained throughout the seasons:


After each ride:

  1. Wipe your bike down to remove sweat and any sugary fluid that has spilled from your water bottles onto your frame. You’d be surprised how quickly even the smallest amount of your electrolyte drink hardens and accumulates in all crevices including bolts.
  2. With a damp cloth, wipe down all parts of your trainer to remove any dust. Blasting your fan while riding can potentially send even more dust into all the nooks and crannies.


Every month:

  1. Lube your chain. Apply a thin layer of lube. Dry lube is best for indoor riding conditions.
  2. Clean the actual chain if there is a lot of grime in your chain. Do so with a chain degreaser solution and chain cleaner tool or brush. Rinse and let it dry before you apply a fresh coat of lube.
  3. Apply a small amount of grease to all the bolts of the handlebar, stem and head-set (all the bolts at the front of the bike that are the main areas where sweat falls) to prevent corrosion and rusting. Sweat and time will cause bike bolts to rust and corrode and keeping these parts lubed and protected from sweat is helpful.


Covering the front of the bike with a towel is also a good way to protect the bike from unwanted sweat.


Every few months or at the start of each new season (more frequent if you ride a lot indoors):

  1. Clean your bike with a mild soap or bike-specific cleaner.
  2. Grease your headset. It may be best to have your local bike shop tend to this step.


Stay on top of your bike maintenance for a smoother, faster, and more impactful trainer ride!


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