TUNE-UP TUESDAY 20 minute VO2 Max Workout
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TUNE-UP TUESDAY 20 minute VO2 Max Workout

Photo by Stanislav Kondratiev from Pexels


Short on time and ready for a kick-butt workout? The below VO₂ workout is a lung-busting fitness boost that will get your endorphins flowing and rev your metabolism. VO₂ max refers to how much oxygen your body can take in and use (oxygen uptake) while exercising. Doing workouts like this one can help increase your VO₂ max over time, resulting in an increase in your body’s capacity to perform aerobically. Don’t let the short workout fool you–it packs a punch. Give it a try!



Get in a solid 20 min warm-up including 3-5 x 15 or more seconds at FTP or above with 30-45 seconds rest.


Then head into the main set for three rounds of:

5 x 40s HARD (~150% FTP or 9.5-10 RPE)/20s easy spin

Spin easy for 3 minutes between rounds.

Be sure to finish with cool down of at least 10 minutes

Ride hard and have fun!


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