Tune-Up Tuesday
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Tune-Up Tuesday

Welcome to T Train Cycling Centre’s new blog!


Check back every Tuesday for ways to enhance your riding experience, build fitness, and stay motivated and connected to our tight-knit and supportive community!

Our first blog outlines the basics for ensuring you get the same joy from riding inside as you do outside! Whether you ride with us in-studio or join us virtually, below are some tips for “tuning up” your set up for comfort and performance:

1. Ensure your set-up includes the following:

  •  A stationary trainer is critical. It can be a more basic fluid (magnetic trainer), or one of the many smart trainers now on the market. The latter include features
    such as power and cadence readings, or even the ability to ride specific courses from around the world.
  • Raise your front wheel with a wheel riser or even a large book will suffice (make sure you don’t mind that it will get wet with sweat!).
  • Maximize your airflow with an open window and/or fan to circulate the air and keep you cooler.
  • Set up a table or way to hold your phone or computer (if you are using one to join a virtual class, listen to music, or watch a show, etc.). Spreading a towel
    between your handlebars also works as an impromptu shelf!
  • Keep any nutrition, extra water bottles, extra towels or tissues you may need during your training session within reach
  • Take note of any low ceilings so that you don’t jump out of the saddle and smack your head on the roof!

Dial-in Your Position

2. The fixed position of the bike on the trainer (without the bit of lateral movement we get outdoors) may force you into a different position than you’re used to. This may result in the need for a new bike fit or some minor fit adjustments.

  • Be sure to shift your position even momentarily throughout the ride by simply getting up out of the saddle. (Also good to do outdoors!)
  • Sit up (take your hands off the handlebars) and roll your shoulders back
  • Stretch out your chest and neck

3. Keep the positive thoughts and keep the bigger picture in mind. Fitness is cumulative, and every workout gets you closer to your goals (even if you miss a few!)

4. Fuel well. Drink at least one bottle of liquid per hour and include some electrolytes to replenish what you will be sweating out. Make sure to further replenish depleted stores approximately 45 minutes after your workout completion. You can’t train well and stay healthy without the fuel.

5. When the going gets tough (great effort!), SMILE. It makes everything feel better.

Coach T

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