V02 Max: Short and Not So Sweet
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V02 Max: Short and Not So Sweet

Photo Credit: Bono Tsang (pexels.com)


VO2 Max workouts help to improve your fitness level.  It is great to add these sessions once a week into your training.  VO2 Max workouts increase your body’s ability to use oxygen, increase your cycling efficiency, and build strength and ability to produce power.

Here is a short VO2 Max bike workout:


WU:  Do a nice long warm-up to ensure your body is ready to push some high watts.  Start with a warm-up spin, then get things firing with a step-up set:

5 x 30s with full min rest between and do them at 90/100/110/120/130% FTP

Spin for 1:30 after the last one


MS:  2-3 rounds of:

5 x 90s at 130% FTP/3min ez spin between and 5mins ez spin between rounds


CD:  Cool down spin


Happy hard riding!



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